PC and Laptop RepairThe services PCAid of Central Florida provide include:

Assistance with computer needs

  • Help with computer purchases: New or used.
  • Upgrades to your current PC.
  • Data transfer from one device to another.
  • Computer/Tablet/Smartphone Accessories: Cases, Batteries, Flash Drives, etc.

Make your computers go faster by removing incomplete programs and bad Operating System files.

Connect all of your devices to share a printer or high speed Internet connection.

  • Setup a network with a router (Wired or Wireless).
  • Run and connect necessary cables.
  • Connect your computers, printer, smartphones and tablets to the network.
  • Setup your computers, smartphones and tablets to print to your printer and others.
  • Connect your computers, printer, smartphones and tablets between each other and cloud storage to share information between each other.

Remove Malware (Viruses, Trojans and Spyware from your machine(s).

  • Viruses infect your Operating System Files, documents, pictures, music and videos.
  • Trojans: take over your PC, wipe your hard drive, send your private data (bank account, credit card information, etc) to an unknown third party, etc.
  • Spyware: puts pop-ups on your system to spy on your Internet Surfing habits.

Back up your personal data: pictures, documents, music, etc.

Set your computers to backup data on a regular basis.

Help you save money on your power bill.

Help with home security.

Help with your next Cellular telephone purchase or a better plan and phone savings.

Help with your entertainment, etc.

Help you improve your health.

Help you protect all your electronic devices